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With Zokyo's chrome extension, you can have immediate access to all your GitHub issues on any tab. Our extension will pull all your tracked tickets into a simple UI so you can work freely. No more cluttered browsers full of ticket windows and no more tab hopping to find what you need. Work freely again.

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With Zokyo, you will be able to view all your repository open issues, add more issues to any repository, edit the issues whenever you reach a new finding, and finally close the issue.

Before, developers had to navigate to GitHub to find out their daily issues and then navigate to or have a tab open for each issue that they wanted to edit or eventually close. Users can now do all these same tasks from any chrome tab without ever needing to visit GitHub again.


Every morning, I would come into work and spend time navigating to my daily tickets. I would need to keep multiple tabs open and refer back to them for information on the ticket. It made my browser window beyond cluttered. Furthermore, I would often find information relevant to my ticket on the web. Now with Zokyo's chrome extension, I can directly add information from stack overflow into the ticket body.

Current Integration Support

We are here to listen and take in your feedback.

We currently provide integrations with Github. However, we are considering future support for Jira, Trello, Asana, and other platforms developers use for work. Please reach out if you would like this and let us know what else you would like to see to help make your lives easier!

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